What are Shadow Boards?

Shadow Boards: Essential for effective workplace management

Here at Pro-S UK Ltd., we design and manufacture high-quality visual management boards, signage and shadow boards that meet industry standards. Our products are made on-site at our Norfolk premises, ensuring consistently high standards are maintained.

What are shadow boards?

Shadow boards are a storage solution for tools, supplies or equipment, commonly used to house hygiene cleaning tools, engineering tools, workshop equipment and cleaning products. Mostly found in manufacturing, production and service environments, the food production industry is a major user. Shadow boards, also known as hygiene shadow boards, cleaning stations or tool boards, are used to achieve an organised and crucially safe environment, from both a health and safety, and a hygiene perspective.

The Pro-S Shadow Board is our most popular product and while designed to specifically meet the needs of the Food and Beverage industry, is equally suited to other sectors and industries. We have developed two options: Option 1. Pro-S Standard and Option 2. Pro-S Premium. We also supply bespoke stainless steel components, designed around a specific item to ensure a perfect fit for your tools and equipment.

Why use shadow boards?

Shadow boards are key to ensuring organisation in the workplace and play an important role in the smooth operation of the 5S programme.

5S is a basic fundamental systematic approach for productivity, quality and safety improvement in all types of business.

Sort  –  Set in order  –  Shine  –  Standardise  –  Sustain

A colour-coded shadow board is used to achieve an organised workplace where tools and equipment are stored in an appropriate location close to the work area or work station. The Pro-S Shadow Board is available in your choice of colour.

By using visual cues, improved operational results are achieved, enhancing profitability

  • Shadow boards can be positioned close to the work area so that tools are at hand for efficiency
  • Missing tools are identified quickly
  • An orderly workplace kept
  • Operatives do not waste time looking for missing tools
  • Reduces costs of replacing damaged or missing tools
  • Reduces safety hazards
  • Risk of cross-contamination is minimised

With governmental regulations increasing, it is essential that food handling and processing facilities stay on top of the current legal requirements. Compliance in food manufacturing is essential, with some major suppliers insisting on the use of shadow boards to meet their audit requirements. Without shadow boards, tools can go missing which is not only highly dangerous but can cause product cross-contamination.

We are committed to helping our customers avoid health and safety breaches. Our Pro-S Shadow Board delivers optimum performance, can be custom-made to fit specific tools. Our highly skilled designers create products that meet your exact specifications, giving you peace of mind. We also offer the Pro-S Mini for those requiring a more compact storage solution.

To find out more about Shadow Boards please see our FAQ.

Whether you are looking for hygiene boards, cleaning stations or tool boards, do get in touch or call us on +44 (0)1366 387362 to find out more about how Pro-S Shadow Boards can help your business.