Shadow Boards: Frequently Asked Questions

1 – What are shadow boards?
Shadow boards are storage boards for tools, supplies or equipment, commonly used to house engineering tools or workshop equipment and cleaning implements and consumables. Mostly found in manufacturing, production and service environments, the food production industry is a major user. Shadow boards, also known as hygiene shadow boards, cleaning stations or tool boards, are used to achieve an organised and crucially safe environment, from both a health and safety, and a hygiene perspective.

2 – Why use shadow boards?
Shadow boards help companies avoid health and safety breaches. Without shadow boards, items can go missing and cross-contamination can occur. Visual communication is essential in the workplace, with colour-coded shadow boards playing a major role in the Lean Manufacturing 5S: Sort – Set in order – Shine – Standardise – Sustain. 5S is the basic systematic approach for productivity, quality and safety improvement in all types of business. ‘Everything in its place and a place for everything.’

When you use a shadow board, missing tools are identified quickly, safety hazards reduced and an orderly workplace kept. The cost of replacing damaged or missing tools is also reduced and operatives do not waste time looking for missing tools. When you take all this into account, using a shadow board can improve operational results, enhancing company profitability.

3 – Are your shadow boards food industry approved?
You can rest assured when you purchase from Pro-S U.K. Ltd. The Pro-S Shadow Board has been designed and developed utilising food industry appropriate materials of construction and good hygienic design principles, ensuring that it’s fit for purpose. Pro-S Shadow Boards are both hygienic and durable, giving our Food and Beverage Manufacturing industry customers peace of mind. We also work with Logistics, Agriculture/Farming, Retail, Healthcare, Education, Leisure, Factories, Warehouse and Office customers, delivering a range of solutions.

4 – What can I expect when I order a Shadow Board from you? How does Pro-S U.K. Ltd work?
The process starts with a chat with us to discuss your requirements, you can either get in touch via email, use our contact form or call us on +44 (0)1366 387362.
Communication is clear, your message won’t get lost. We see the manufacturing process right through from our Norfolk premises, from the first conversation to the design and production of the final product. We record everything produced, so should you need to repeat purchase, it is really straightforward, saving you time.
Your Pro-S Shadow Board will arrive completely ready to use, no self-assembly required.

5 – Are your shadow boards one-size-fits-all?
Here at Pro-S U.K. Ltd, all our shadow boards are produced to the same high standard by our expert team. Pro-S Shadow Boards are completely bespoke, custom-made to suit your needs. We design your shadow board to accommodate individual tools whatever the brand or style. We ensure a suitable component is provided to store the tool on the board whether this be one of our unique stainless steel hooks, brackets or a bespoke stainless steel holder designed especially for the more complex tool. We even have companies send their tools to us to ensure a perfect fit, these are then returned with their shadow board on completion of order. We can colour-code your Pro-S Shadow Board, add a title and your company branding including logo.
What’s more, our shadow boards are not purely for hygiene cleaning tools, we can design a shadow board to store a vast range of factory/processing equipment depending on your requirements. We also offer the Pro-S Mini for those requiring a more compact storage solution.

6 – What are the options for positioning the shadow board?
We supply shadow boards for wall fixing, stanchion or rail fixing, mounted to a stainless steel trolley, mounted to a frame for bolting to the floor, or encased in a stainless steel cabinet that can be fitted to the wall. Unsure of how your shadow board should be positioned? Our expert team can advise.

7 – Can you explain more about how the Pro-S Shadow Board is suitable for the Food and Beverage industry?
The Pro-S Shadow Board has been designed and developed with the Food and Beverage industry in mind, it is both hygenic and durable. Options are available which are both compatible with temperatures and humidities found in the food processing enviornment and typically used cleaning chemicals.

8 – Is a Pro-S Shadow Board suitable for storing my engineering tools?
Yes, we can design a shadow board to suit any tool or piece of equipment. Requests range from being asked to manufacture shadow boards for simple tools such as a screwdriver or hammer, to the more complex item i.e. food production machine ‘change parts’, which come in various shapes and sizes. Our shadow boards are designed to be user-friendly.

9 – I am looking for a shadow board for my factory in an area were the equipment has to be washed down daily, which Pro-S option do you recommend?
Both the Pro-S Standard and Pro-S Premium options are durable and can withstand general cleaning with chemicals typically used in a food processing environment. We would however recommend the Pro-S Premium Shadow Board for heavy duty use, it shows excellent water resistance, ideal for areas where pressure washing is required. The surface material is impact resistant and can tolerate sub-zero temperatures.

10 – Do you just do shadow boards?
We started life as a signage company and offer our customers a range of services in addition to our Pro-S Shadow Boards. We also provide signage and visual management boards, all made at our Norfolk premises. Our in-house design team can create branded products in your company colours complete with logo. We work with a variety of industries and sectors including Food and Beverage, Retail, Logistics, Agriculture/Farming, Healthcare, Education, Leisure, Factories, Warehouse and Office customers.


At Pro-S U.K. Ltd, everything is completed on-site, ensuring consistency, from the first telephone conversation to discuss your needs to the design and manufacture of your product. Our experienced designers and manufacturing team use their skills and knowledge to create your vision. We fulfil requirements from one-off projects to big orders. Get in touch today to find out how we can help.