Pro- S Mini range

Pro-S Mini: A compact storage solution

At Pro-S U.K. Ltd, we are always thinking of ways to help our customers. We thrive on  finding practical and innovative solutions that will really help your business.

Are you pushed for space? When space is at a premium our Pro-S Mini is the perfect solution as an alternative to a full-sized shadow board.  Designed for use with individual tools i.e. lobby pan, shovel, broom or dustpan and hand brush, this handy product is available for either wall mounting or rail fixing.  Our Pro-S Mini is also the ideal size for mounting to a piece of machinery, in a small storage cupboard or an area where space is restricted.

The Pro-S Mini is constructed from stainless steel and can be accompanied by a colour-coded tool identification label displaying a small image of the tool to be stored i.e. orange shovel. This acts as a clear visual sign in the workplace, helping operatives to store tools efficiently.

Pro-S Mini: The benefits

  • Hygienically designed and durable, therefore easy to clean and maintain
  • Tools are easily accessible
  • Can fit in areas where space is tight
  • Pro-S Mini shares all the benefits of a full-sized shadow board i.e. missing tools can be identified and cross-contamination avoided

To order your Pro-S Mini or find out about our other products please do get in touch or call +44 (0)1366 387362.