Pro-S Shadow Boards

The Pro-S Shadow Board: Custom-made in Norfolk

The Pro-S Shadow Board has been designed and developed using food industry appropriate materials of construction and good hygienic design principles. It is compatible with the temperatures and humidities experienced in a food processing environment and typically used cleaning chemicals such as detergents and disinfectant. Whilst ideal for use by the Food and Beverage Manufacturing industry, the Pro-S Shadow Board is equally relevant for other industries and sectors i.e. Retail, Agriculture/Farming and Warehouse facilities.

Our Pro-S Shadow Board is available in two construction options:

Option 1.  Pro-S Standard and Option 2.  Pro-S Premium

Both options come complete with stainless steel hooks and components for storing equipment on the shadow board.  Everything you need to get your shadow board up and running, there are no hidden extras when you purchase from Pro-S U.K. Ltd.

The Pro-S Shadow Board is a durable product designed and manufactured by our skilled team on-site in our Norfolk factory. The board surface, where exposed to impact from daily application and removal of cleaning equipment, has added protection by the strategic placement of stainless steel contact plates.

Option 1.  Pro-S Standard

  • 3mm aluminium composite base material applied with digitally printed graphics and a protective laminate overlay
  • Stainless steel hooks/components to store tools
  • Stainless steel contact plates

Option 2.  Pro-S Premium

  • 2mm sub surface printed face with a 3mm aluminium composite material backing
  • Stainless steel hooks/components to store tools
  • Stainless steel contact plates

Option 2: Pro-S Premium is recommended for heavy duty use. The surface is impact resistant even at sub-zero temperatures. It shows excellent water resistance, ideal for areas where pressure washing is required.

Food industry approved for hygiene and durability, the Pro-S Shadow Board is an invaluable investment for any industry. Our experienced and skilled graphic designers will create your custom-made shadow board complete with your company branding. You can choose any colour or effect for your board and tools.

At Pro-S U.K. Ltd, our top priority is customer satisfaction.  To save you time we created our Vikan Hygiene Cleaning Tool and Atorn Workshop Hand Tool packages that combine the Pro-S Shadow Board with the necessary tools. However, we can produce a shadow board for any tool/equipment requirement, whether you already have Vikan or Atorn tools, or another brand. It is all about convenience for our customers.

We also offer Stainless Steel Cabinets to house your shadow board, and various shadow board mounting options.

 Shadow Board Mounting Options:

  • Wall fixed (direct to wall)
  • Wall fixed with Air Space – mounted to wall using stainless steel spacers giving air space of approx. 24mm between wall and board
  • Floor mounting (fixed to a stainless steel frame which can be bolted to the floor)
  • Mobile (fixed to a stainless steel trolley)
  • Incorporate as part of your machinery
  • Stainless steel lockable cabinet with internal shadow board
  • Table top (fixed to a stainless steel table frame)
  • Stanchion or handrail fixed

Does your business use shadow boards? Do get in touch or call us on +44 (0)1366 387362 to find out how we can help.