Visual Management Boards

Do you need an effective workplace visual communication tool? Custom-designed printed Visual Management Boards also known as Information Boards and Communication Boards, are an effective way of sharing facts, information, and guidance. Visually appealing with eye catching graphics, a key communication tool in a lean environment, they can even enhance business performance and efficiency when used in conjunction with your 5S workplace programme.

Visual Management Boards come in various types such as:

  • SQDC (Safety, Quality, Delivery and Cost)
  • KPI (Key Performance Indicator)
  • Site Maps
  • 5S Communication
  • Health & Safety Information
  • Continuous Improvement

Our Visual Management Boards range from a basic printed information board applied with graphics of your choice to a complete workstation including document holders, snap frames, ring binder mechanisms and more.

Specification Options

  • Non drywipe
  • Dry wipe
  • Magnetic dry wipe
  • Wall fixed
  • Mobile
  • Freestanding

Accessories of your choice can be added to suit specific requirements.

Let us know what you need for your Visual Management Board and we’ll take it from there. Just call +44 (0)1366 387362.

Visual Management Board Examples