Convenient Packages: Pro-S U.K. Ltd suppliers of shadow boards and tools

We offer our customers added value. For us it is all about finding affordable solutions that save you time. Our Vikan Hygiene Cleaning Tool and Atorn Workshop Hand Tool packages do just that. We source your tools, so you don’t have to, and we ensure that they fit your custom-made Pro-S Shadow Board, included with each package. We can also produce stainless steel cabinets to house your shadow board, ask our expert team about the options available.

Vikan Hygiene Cleaning Tool and Shadow Board Packages

Here at Pro-S UK Ltd, on our Downham Market site, we produce high-quality durable products, we also work with well-renowned suppliers to bring you professional tools and equipment. Vikan is a globally focused company and is one of the world’s leading producers of professional cleaning implements. Vikan tools are colour-coded providing a pragmatic approach to the food sector’s challenges of ensuring efficient cleaning and a visibly safe physical environment. Vikan tools are available in twelve colours. For further information on Vikan products please visit

Introduce Pro-S Shadow Boards into your factory, the perfect storage solution for your Vikan Hygiene tools

Colour-coded segregation helps minimise the risk of product cross-contamination, from bacteria, allergens and foreign bodies, by storing cleaning equipment of a specific colour for use in each ‘area’ of production.

For example, red for use in high risk areas, and yellow for use in low risk, or blue for use on food contact surfaces, and green for use on environmental surfaces. Products of the wrong colour in each ‘area’ are consequently easily identified and removed. Our graphic design team can create your Pro-S Shadow Board to your exact specification. The colour of the shadow board will match the Vikan tools, however if you would like a special effect on your board this can be done.

Please give us a call on + 44 (0)1366 387362 and we’ll find the Vikan Tools option that best suits your needs.

Atorn Hand Tool and Shadow Board Packages

The Atorn range of general workshop/engineering hand tools is suitable for use in the toughest environments, in a factory or workshop, working with machinery or for engineering purposes.

Atorn hand tools complement our Pro-S Shadow Boards being high quality, functional and durable. Choose from hammers, pliers, torches, screwdrivers, to name but a few options. Our custom-made shadow boards ensure a perfect fit for your tools and equipment.

For those valuable pieces of equipment a shadow board encased in a lockable stainless steel cabinet is ideal.

We can design a shadow board package incorporating Atorn Hand Tools to suit your needs, just give us a call on +44 (0)1366 387362 and we’ll do the rest.