Custom-made in the UK: Shadow Boards, Visual Management Boards and Signage

With a proven reputation for producing high-quality products, we manufacture shadow boards, visual management boards and signage at our UK based premises in Norfolk, custom-made to meet your specific needs and industry requirements. Pro-S U.K. Ltd is a family business with customer satisfaction our top priority. We pride ourselves on delivering an excellent personal level of service. From your initial telephone conversation to the design and making of your product, everything is done on-site by our expert team.

We strive to innovate, developing the Pro-S Shadow Board to meet the needs of the Food and Beverage industry and our Pro-S Mini product in response to customer feedback. We really do listen to our customers. Our products are designed around your business.

Pro-S UK Ltd: Helping our customers achieve compliance

Is Health and Safety a major concern for your business? Pro-S U.K. Ltd is committed to helping companies be compliant, to meet the high standards set by each industry and its regulators. The Pro-S Shadow Board has been independently tested for durability, thermal resistance and chemical resistance, ensuring that it’s fit for purpose. Our products can be used in conjunction with the Lean 5S Management Programme, improving efficiency in the workplace. We supply production, manufacturing and service industries throughout the UK and Europe.

Offering customers added value and convenience

Added value and convenience are central to our ethos, we offer customers good quality combined with a dependable service at an affordable price. Our Atorn Hand Tool and Vikan Hygiene Cleaning Tool shadow board packages, whilst representing excellent value, also save you time. What’s more, our Pro-S Shadow Boards are supplied completely ready to use, no self-assembly required, ideal storage for your engineering tools and workshop equipment. We work with Food and Beverage, Logistics, Agriculture/Farming, Healthcare, Education, Leisure, Factories, Warehouse and Office customers, delivering a range of practical solutions. Get in touch or call +44 (0)1366 387362 to find out how we can help your business.


Pro-S Shadow Boards: Customer satisfaction is our top priority